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The heart of DesignerLogic is project management software for interior design firms of all sizes—created by industry experts to intuitively mirror your studio workflow. Everything you need.

— Intuitive, comprehensive interior design project management

— Propose/spec/quote projects, regardless of size or complexity

— Quickly and efficiently build out items with multiple design components

— Visualize every facet of your project using the web clipper and favorites board

— Communicate effortlessly with your clients via the secure DesignerLogic client portal: clients can view, approve/decline items and proposals, and view statements and time billing

— Export transactions to Quickbooks for  full control over your business accounting

— 360-degree project oversight: purchasing, invoicing, item and order tracking, stopwatch time tracker, scheduling, staff messaging

    • Multiple Simultaneous Users
    • Your Data is Always Backed UP
    • Work Anywhere with Internet
    • Cross Platform: PC, Mac, iPad


    • Translate Idea to Project
    • Create Installation Schedules
    • Spec Out Items in Detail
    • Organize Projects Visually


    • Supplier and Contractor Searchable Business Listings
    • Link with supplier home page in Brand Book
    • Quote Requests: issue them and receive updates
    • Purchase Order Update: have suppliers update orders directly in your projects
    • Track Communication: use comments to log issues, much easier than email threads


    • Staff Directed Comments and Tasks
    • Project History Recorded and Easy to Acccess
    • Created By and Dated Logs
    • Calendars for Staff Viewable in Projects


    • Clients Log In and Approve Proposals and Showcase Items
    • Integrated Sales Tools Help Sell Items
    • Track Client Responses and Comments
    • Easy to Understand Invoicing and Terms


    • Easy Export Proposals, Invoices, Orders: Import to QB and QBO
    • Nail Down all Open Tasks, Items, and Time Charges in Project Dashboard
    • Notifications For Shipping Dates and Locations
    • Mark Items as Placed When Through
    • Flag Items for Immediate Followup


Why Our Customers Love Us

“DesignerLogic is an easy to use online application that helps me to manage sales for clients from proposals through to invoicing. It evens allows me to interface with my accounting software so I don’t have to rekey everything. My clients love it because it provides them with easy to read documentation including images, descriptions and pricing. I can do a lot more work in a shorter time than when I was doing everything on spreadsheets.”

Cheryl, KITCHEN VISIONS, LLC, Massachusetts

“Out of all of the design management programs we have used – and there have been many – we have found DesignerLogic to be the best fit for our firm. The ability to enter an item and follow through from client proposals through the ordering process all the way to installation saves a lot of time, and the control we have over the information minimizes ordering mistakes. We love the tracking features and have found them to be immensely useful when managing multiple projects at once. And lastly, we cannot say enough about the unparalleled customer service – any questions are answered promptly and any issues fixed within hours, not days which is a huge plus for our workflow.”

Beth, ARCHETYPE, South Carolina

“At HRD we use DesignerLogic to manage projects from start to finish. When I was researching software I wanted one program that would create spec sheets, client proposals and purchase orders. It was also very important the data would easily import into our accounting program. DesignerLogic does all that and more. The creator of the software understands how to run a design firm and is continuously working to improve the way we do business.”


“I’ve been using DesignerLogic for 8 years and I couldn’t imagine operating my business without it. It is very user friendly and support is very helpful and attentive to my needs. Over the years they have taken customer feedback and improved the offerings. This is essential software for small design firms.”

Wale, REBECCA JAMES STUDIO, United Kingdom

“DL makes running my business so much easier. It saves me a lot of time as it keeps track of what I’ve purchased and paid for, what’s due and when; essential in projects with hundreds of items. It helps me to run my business efficiently, keeps projects organized and the data is at my fingertips wherever I am in the world as I can access it on my phone. My clients are always impressed with the detail supplied. I wouldn’t be without it.”

Nicola, NICOLA PRATT LTD, United Kingdom

“DesignerLogic has become our main WIP documentation and now saves us an enormous amount of time in generating quotes to our clients and invoices as well.”

Anna, HARE + KLEIN, Australia

“Our studio needed to move away from Excel-based documentation and reporting to a platform that consolidated our data and allowed output for multiple (and previously very manually generated) reports, making the data to work harder and smarter! DesignerLogic enables us to generate said reports and keep our growing workflow at optimal efficiency. DesignerLogic support has been refreshingly responsive.



project management: intuitive with all the basics

project dashboard: all data quickly accessible
proposals: estimate and spec out items and work
invoices: request payment with thumbnail images
purchase orders: order and track items and components
time billing: track billable and non-billable time with stopwatch
– upload related files (excel, pdf, word, etc) to attach to items and projects
tasks and calendar events attached to projects and staff

web clipper for quick product saving

Chrome Web Clipper extension, accessible from any web page
– quick, easy saving of product specs and images
– save products directly to projects in DesignerLogic
– save products directly to the Favorites Board in DesignerLogic
no extra fee to access the web clipper


items and work: easy creation & detailed management

– build Items with multiple components (i.e. a sofa with fabric, pillows, upholstery work, delivery, etc)
– order components of single item from different suppliers
– use images on spec sheets for suppliers, on tear sheets and proposals for clients
track items to job-site placement and completion
attach tasks to items and assign them to staff
– comment on items to/from staff members in easy to track comment threads

notifications, prompts, and smart buttons

– personal dashboard with notifications for logged-in user
tasks & events today, items shipping soon and overdue, flagged items
– track items to job-site placement and completion
status on transactions from staff and clients

copy project items & proposals and curate your own catalogue

copy items from one project to another including images, specs, and pricing
– create a template project with template proposals and copy them in entirety to new projects
– save common items (tiles, fabric, hardware, etc) to the Catalogue for quick use on projects

client portal for strong client interaction

– your clients can log in and view only the info you publish about their projects
showcase items for clients to approve and comment on
publish proposals for clients to approve and comment on
– time billing: clients can see their billed time in detail

features for larger design firms

– ordering approval process by assigned staff
lock proposals, invoices, and purchases orders so they cannot be edited
assign specific staff to specific projects so they cannot see unassigned projects
time admin page (permission protected) with all staff time and billing

supplier & contractor interaction and management

– Brand Book to source suppliers by tags and categories
link to suppliers you use on a regular basis
publish purchase orders to your vendor and get their updates right in DesignerLogic
– instruction reports for tasks assigned to contractors

Export To Quickbooks

Do Accounting Right, Use Quickbooks or Xero

DesignerLogic does project management best. Quickbooks and other dedicated bookkeeping apps do accounting best. DesignerLogic will produce proposals, invoices, and purchase orders from your projects. Push them into Quickbooks so all your financials are in one place, where your accountant wants them.

DesignerLogic uses Transaction Pro to import to Quickbooks Desktop and SaasAnt to import into Quickbooks Online. Our clients have been happily using them for years.

Xero users: DesignerLogic exports invoices formatted to be imported into Xero. Options to import purchase orders coming soon.

Accounting Options Pros Cons
built-in accounting seemingly easy all under one roof – your accountant will have to work in an obscure program
– lacking rigorous accounting standards
– never has full accounting functionality
– makes project management awkward for designers
auto-sync with quickbooks seemingly easy set it and forget it – you don’t know what it’s doing to your books
– lots of problems and adjustments
– requires constant monitoring
– reports of having to file tax extensions not uncommon due to sync errors
export and push to Quickbooks


– full control over data pushed into Quickbooks, and when
– no surprises or bugs in your books at tax time
– formatted export files puts data where it’s supposed to go
– no double-entry
seemingly an extra step but actually simple after initial setup

Pricing and Additional Services


DesignerLogic project management for interior designers is charged on a monthly subscription: $37.95/user/month for unlimited projects. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. We do offer a 30 Day Free Trial.

Additional Services

Website creation and maintenance. We offer a range of custom website services for your design business, starting at $750 for a basic site with domain and one year hosting. Beyond that we can tailor the site to your needs, including portfolios and storefronts. Pricing depends on your website goals.

Design business consulting. We offer expert interior design business consulting, based on decades of experience in the industry. Setting up project and business processes correctly is key to success.

For all additional services, please inquire via our contact form for more details.


Who We Are

DesignerLogic is an end-to-end cloud platform for the interior design industry that puts interior design firms at the center.

We have been creating and supporting intuitive software specifically for the interior design industry for 15 years. Our clients are spread across the globe, with a concentration in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Try DesignerLogic

Project Management: Spec, Propose, Present to Client, Invoice, Order, Track, Complete the Project- it’s all in DesignerLogic.

Open a 30 Day Free Trial. Full featured with as many users as you need at no extra cost during the Free Trial. Explore with an example project or create your own.

If you decide to keep using DesignerLogic the price is  $37.95/user per month. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.

Learn to Earn College Program

Interior design grads often feel ill-equipped to handle the nuts and bolts of running a design business. To best address this need, we’ve developed a program that can reach students directly in their education.

DesignerLogic’s new Learn to Earn Program is industry-tailored to help prepare students for parts of their career equally as important as the design skills they are acquiring: understanding how to best manage a client’s projects.

The Learn to Earn Program is customizable to work with a school’s particular needs. In general, each class will have a full-featured account in DesignerLogic and each student will be able to manage projects from beginning to end: spec creation, putting together proposals/quotes, presenting to clients, ordering and tracking products and work, managing billable and non-billable time, and more.

Live tutorials, given online, are included for each class and can be scheduled flexibly. In person tutorials can also be provided (please inquire for details).

Many students enroll in interior design schools with it in mind to eventually own their own business. DesignerLogic’s Learn to Earn Program can significantly help to ensure their success. Contact us to hear more about how Learn to Earn can be included in your school’s interior design curriculum. 

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