Powerful design enhancers

DesignerLogic offers powerful design enhancers tailored to streamline and elevate the design process.

  • Project history copying: easily copy items from any project to another project, a significant time-saver, especially for recurring design elements or preferred setups
  • Easy editing and track changes: edit specs, images, and more on the fly, ensuring that each design is unique and fits the client’s requirements
  • Build copying: copy complex products built with multiple components, ensuring that intricate designs don’t need to be recreated from scratch
  • Curated catalogue of reusable products: for items like tiles, fabrics, and hardware; useful in maintaining consistent quality and style across projects
  • Favorites board: save products for easy access in future projects; keep track of preferred items and streamline the selection process
  • Mood board integration: upload mood boards created in various applications like Photoshop or Keynote and attach project items to them; publishable to the Client Portal for review

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Export to Quickbooks and Xero

Stay on top of your finances: integrate transactions directly into Quickbooks or Xero for complete control over your business accounting.

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