Quickbooks and Xero

Interior design accounting at its best: DesignerLogic pushes proposals, invoices, and purchase orders into leading accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero.

This ensures the best of both worlds: stellar project management via DesignerLogic and all financial data consolidated in a single, trusted accounting application.

  • Transactions and reports: integrated within your projects, enhancing project management
  • Export file creation: csv (Excel) files formatted for direct import into Quickbooks and Xero
  • Controlled push to accounting: decide exactly what transactions to import to Quickbooks or Xero, and when, with a file for an archival log
Accounting OptionsPros
built-in interior design accountingseemingly easy all under one roof– your accountant will have to work in an obscure program
lacking rigorous accounting standards
never has full accounting functionality
– makes project management awkward for designers
interior design accounting via auto-sync with quickbooksseemingly easy set it and forget ityou don’t know what it’s doing to your books
– lots of problems and adjustments
– requires constant monitoring
– reports of having to file tax extensions not uncommon due to sync errors
best interior design accounting via export and push to Quickbooks and Xero: DesignerLogicfull control over data pushed, and when
no surprises or bugs in your books at tax time
formatted export files puts data where it’s supposed to go
no double-entry
seemingly an extra step but actually simple after initial setup

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