Efficiently and intuitively oversee projects in their entirety

DesignerLogic provides all essential elements for robust project management, including detailed reports and accessible, downloadable data.

  • project dashboard: view and navigate intuitively
  • phases with budgets: for products/services and time
  • customizable workflows tailored to your operations
  • transactions: proposals, invoices, purchase orders
  • time/expenses: billable and non-billable
  • upload files (excel, pdf, word, etc.): give access to staff and clients
  • tasks and calendar events
  • spec sheets for suppliers, tear sheets for clients
  • notifications: ship and installation dates, communication

Each item (product or service) has a dashboard featuring:

  • Specifications: ordering details about each product
  • Tracking: acknowledgement and tracking numbers; ship, receive, and installation dates.
  • Related components: view pieces that make the whole
  • Additional pictures: can be included on tear sheets
  • Related tasks and events: view a punch list and calendar for each item
  • Messaging: all staff and client communication about the item

Next feature

Integrated contact management

Keep track of prospects or any other kind of contact with communication logs, calendars, uploaded files, and task goals.

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