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What exactly is DesignerLogic?

DesignerLogic is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the process of managing interior design projects. It includes features such as spec tools, client presentation and communication, invoicing and ordering,  project tracking, budget management, and resource allocation.

Is DesignerLogic available on my phone or iPad?

Yes! DesignerLogic is optimized for tablets and mobile devices, using Chrome or Edge browsers. Just log in like you do on your computer!

What countries is DesignerLogic available in?

We have clients in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and South Africa, as well as the United States. Use the currency and date formatting from your native country.

Is there a sync or export to outside accounting apps like Quickbooks or Xero?

Yes! DesignerLogic creates spreadsheets of transactions (proposals, invoices, and purchase orders) that can be imported to Quickbooks or Xero in a much more reliable process than a behind-the-scenes sync.

Who can benefit from using DesignerLogic?

DesignerLogic is ideal for interior design firms, large and small, as well as their clients. We have clients ranging from single person to 15 person operations.

How does DesignerLogic ensure data security?

DesignerLogic is end-to-end encrypted so your data is secure. We also DO NOT SELL your data to any other party (unlike many sites).

Is training provided for new users?

Yes! We offer FREE personal tutorials via Zoom. In these tutorials, we will walk you through getting started and entering your own data, so you are comfortable.

What kind of customer support is offered?

FREE! We offer email, phone, and Zoom support to ALL clients, as needed.

Is there a trial period available?

Yes! we offer a 30 Day Free Trial so potential users can experience the benefits of DesignerLogic before committing to a subscription.

DesignerLogic FAQ person answering questions.

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