About us

Designers first

DesignerLogic has always put the interests and needs of interior designers at the center. Our platform was created by people that ran design firms, with development based on input and feedback from our users.

We have been creating and supporting interior design software specifically for the industry for over 15 years.

Our clients are spread across the globe, with a concentration in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Our values


DesignerLogic’s north star has always been our client’s needs and concerns. Our loyalty is to interior designers and we listen.


We have no hidden business agenda. The goodwill we’ve built with our clients over 15 years is our most valued asset.


DesignerLogic is always being updated to give interior designers the clearest, best approach to managing complex projects.


DesignerLogic is an easy to use online application that helps me to manage sales for clients. It evens allows me to interface with my accounting software so I don’t have to rekey everything. My clients love it because it provides them with easy to read documentation including images, descriptions and pricing.” 😍

— Cheryl, KITCHEN VISIONS, LLC, Massachusetts