DesignerLogic Ad Space

Reach interior designers directly where they work all day, creating and tracking purchase orders for businesses like yours.

DesignerLogic is a project management system for interior designers and their vendors.

If you received a link to this page, your business already has purchase orders written in DesignerLogic by your customers. Ad Space will help increase those orders.

                advertise promotions
                  showcase products
                 gain new customers

your ad will embedded in DesignerLogic’s suppliers list

your customers and other interior designers view this every day


each designer also has a home page for your business where they track all orders

It Works Like This

once you pay for Ad Space you can upload two ads, small and large

use full html ads (multiple buttons and links embedded in the ad)

OR upload simpler image ads (with text in an image like in Facebook)

you’ll have a preview of your ad so you can make sure it looks right

once  ads are approved they’ll show in front of all interior design customers

update your ads as many times as you want during your purchased timeframe


DesignerLogic is an end-to-end cloud platform for the interior design industry that puts interior design firms at the center.

We have been creating and supporting intuitive software specifically for the interior design industry for over 10 years. Our clients are spread across the globe, with a concentration in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

“At HRD we use DesignerLogic to manage projects from start to finish. When I was researching software I wanted one program that would create spec sheets, client proposals and purchase orders. DesignerLogic does all that and more.


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