“Out of all of the design management programs we have used – and there have been many – we have found designerlogic to be the best fit for our firm. The ability to enter an item and follow through from client proposals through the ordering process all the way to installation saves a lot of time, and the control we have over the information minimizes ordering mistakes. We love the tracking features and have found them to be immensely useful when managing multiple projects at once. And lastly, we cannot say enough about the customer service which is unparalleled – any questions are answered promptly and any issues fixed within hours, not days which is a huge plus for our workflow.


Beth@ ARCHETYPE: South Carolina

“DL makes running my business so much easier. It saves me a lot of time as it keeps track of what I’ve purchased and paid for, what’s due and when; essential in projects with hundreds of items. It helps me to run my business efficiently, keeps projects organized and the data is at my fingertips wherever I am in the world as I can access it on my phone. My clients are always impressed with the detail supplied. I wouldn’t be without it.”

Nicola@ NICOLA PRATT LTD: United Kingdom

project management: intuitive with all the basics

-project dashboard: all data quickly accessible

-proposals: estimate and spec out items and work

-invoices: request payment with thumbnail images

-purchase orders: order and track items and components

-time billing: track billable and non-billable time

-upload related files (excel, pdf, word, etc) to attach to items and projects

-tasks and calendar events attached to projects and staff

items and work: easy creation & detailed management

-build Items with multiple components (i.e. a sofa with fabric, pillows, upholstery work, delivery, etc)

-order components of single item from different suppliers

-use images on spec sheets for suppliers, on tear sheets and proposals for clients

-track items to job-site placement and completion

-attach tasks to items and assign them to staff

-comment on items to/from staff members in easy to track comment threads

notifications, prompts, and smart buttons

-personal dashboard with notifications for logged-in user

-tasks & events today, items shipping soon and overdue, flagged items

-project dashboards with smart buttons for quick analysis

-track items to job-site placement and completion

-status on transactions from staff and clients

copy project items & proposals and curate your own catalogue

-copy items from one project to another including images, specs, and pricing

-create a template project with template proposals and copy them in entirety to new projects

-save common items (tiles, fabric, hardware, etc) to the Catalogue for quick use on projects

client portal for strong client interaction

-your clients can log in and view only the info you publish about their projects

-showcase items for clients to approve and comment on

-publish proposals for clients to approve and comment on

-time billing: clients can see their billed time in detail

features for larger design firms

-ordering approval process by assigned staff

-lock proposals, invoices, and purchases orders so they cannot be edited

-assign specific staff to specific projects so they cannot see unassigned projects

-time admin page (permission protected) with all staff time and billing

-permissions to show/hide costs and/or pricing on projects (coming soon)

supplier & contractor interaction and management

Brand Book to help find suppliers by tags and categories

-link to suppliers you use on a regular basis

-send quote requests and have them updated right in your project

-publish purchase orders to your vendor and get their updates right in DesignerLogic

-supplier dashboard with smart buttons for notifications on orders and tasks

-instruction reports for tasks assigned to contractors

-upload related files (excel, pdf, word, etc) to supplier

Features List

Single or multi-user environment

Client Management in one place

Proposals w/ item images

Client tear sheets w/ item images

Build items w/ multiple components

Invoices w/ item images

Purchase Orders

Detailed Item Tracking

Reminders and Date prompts

Time Tracking & Billing

Contractor Instructions

Catalogue (for reusable items)

Copy Items from project to project

– quote requests on items and work
– purchase order updates in app
– communication tracking
– upload files related to ordered items

Timelines for projects

Project Budgets

Export Projects to Excel

Quickbooks export ability

Upload any external file for projects (excel, word, pdf, etc.)

Log of user activity

Tasks and Events Integrated with Projects

Email printouts with pictures

Download Transactions as PDF

Mobile availability

CLIENT PORTAL (client contact management)

UK, Euro, and world currency symbols

– approval process for ordering
– lock proposals, invoices, purchase orders
– assign staff to specific projects


DesignerLogic for Interior Designers is charged on a monthly subscription: $37.95/user/month. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. We do offer a 30 Day Free Trial.

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